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Our Choice For Top Online Poker Site

There are certain features that a site must excel in to even be considered a 
solid place to play, let alone a top-ranked casino. Security, selection and 
reliability all play pivotal roles in your gaming experience and they all 
must be given the best available treatment. That is how you decide a top 
online poker site. The amount of customers (while this may be a reflection 
on quality) or the incentive offers are not important. You need protection 
and strength. This is why we recommend Pacific Poker as the top online poker 
site. It gives you everything you need to trust the casino and enjoy it.

Pacific Poker: Security

Offering information online is always a concern. You never know who will 
receive it. Credit card numbers, email accounts, names, etc. can easily be 
tracked and used. Which is why Pacific Poker makes it a guarantee to limit 
this flow of information. The staff will not send it out without your 
permission or consent. And, while they may use third party systems to help 
keep the site running, these individuals will not be privileged to your 
account information, unless it is a law requirement. Pacific Poker keeps you 

Pacific Poker: Selection

What separates a good site from a great one is, of course, the games. You 
want to find a site that gives you what you want. Look for variety that you 
will actually play, rather than just variation for the sake of it. Pacific 
Poker gives all the basic games you can need: Limit Texas Hold'em, No-Limit 
Texas Hold'em, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 
etc. You will find the ones you want.

Pacific Poker: Reliability

While the software may not be considered as the latest and best, it is 
reliable and is one of the few ones that can be played on a MAC computer. 
This gives a broader sweep for players. It tends to run at a slightly slower 
pace but this does give you more time to think and gauge your responses.

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